Fumigation Services

Whether you need imported containers to be vented or containers due for export to be fumigated, we can be there to carry out treatments in a safe, clean and cost effective way.

In-transit fumigations are not a problem. We’ll be happy to fumigate at the point of loading or the shipping port, provide all the signage required and we’ll even sort out the mountain of paperwork for you.

With the methodology approved by MAFAS, the Malaysian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme, fumigation is also carried out here by certified fumigators to ensure eradication of pests and diseases from containers and cargoes.

This ascertains safety and is in line with the product integrity of trade conducted in Malaysia.

Fumigation Arrangements

  • FCL & LCL
  • AFAS / MAFAS standard
  • ISPM 15 compliance
  • With certificate by approved fumigators

How can we help you?

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