Container Haulage and Transportation

Efficient Container Haulage and Transportation Services

Our efficient container haulage and transportation services extend beyond Malaysia, providing seamless cross-border transportation to Thailand and Singapore.

Container Haulage and Transportation

Hanson Global Freight offers reliable and efficient transportation services focusing on the safe handling of goods and comprehensive door-to-door delivery. Our trucking services cover the central, southern, and northern regions of Peninsular Malaysia and the East Malaysian sectors.

We pride ourselves on providing customized cross-border trucking services, specifically plying between Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Our fully gated and guarded 2-acre storage yard is exclusively designed to cater to the storage needs of trucking services. Our yard is conveniently located in North Port, Port Klang, and offers secure storage solutions for containers. With convenient access to major highways and transportation hubs, our storage yard makes it easy for trucking services to transport their containers to and from our facility.

Our experienced team, including a dedicated customer services team with over 15 years of experience, ensures that all cargo is transported in compliance with the highest safety standards. Our advanced technology allows for real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments.

  • Haulage and Transportation Service Malaysia
  • Haulage and Transportation Service Malaysia
  • Haulage and Transportation Service Malaysia
  • Container Storage Yard in North Port

Our Fleet

  • 16 prime movers
  • 3 side loaders
  • 100 trailers
  • GPS-based vehicle tracking system for real-time delivery information and better coordination

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