sea freight

Malaysia’s Reliable Ocean Freight Services

Hanson Global Freight offers premium ocean freight services in Peninsular Malaysia’s seaports, including Port Klang (PKG), Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Penang (PEN), Pasir Gudang (PGU), and Kuantan (KTN).

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air freight

Your Trusted Air Freight Forwarding Company in Malaysia

Efficient and reliable international Air Freight solutions for your cargo transportation needs. Get your goods delivered on time and in perfect condition.

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Efficient Container Haulage and Transportation Services

Our efficient container haulage and transportation services extend beyond Malaysia, providing seamless cross-border transportation to Thailand and Singapore.

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Efficient Warehousing and Distribution Services in Malaysia

We offer comprehensive warehousing and yard services for all types of goods and machinery for our land transportation services at West Port, Pulau Indah.

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Efficient Transloading Services for Seamless Cargo Transfer

The transloading services provided by Hanson Global Freight is intended to ease the effective movement of cargo between modes of transportation, allowing businesses to convey their goods effortlessly from origin to destination.

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Customs Clearance Simplified

At Hanson Global Freight, we excel in providing expert customs clearance services specifically tailored to Malaysian regulations to facilitate smooth international trade. Our licensed professionals ensure rapid, compliant clearance at all local ports of entry, leveraging deep insights into Malaysia’s customs laws.

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Transloading Services: Efficient Cargo Transfers

Hanson Global Freight offers top-notch transloading services, expertly handling cargo transfers across air, sea, and land. Our team, armed with advanced logistics technology, ensures secure, prompt delivery, enhancing your supply chain management.

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Protect Your Shipment with Comprehensive Marine Cargo Insurance Services

Secure your cargo from insurance to cover loss or damage to goods transit by sea, air and land.

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Fumigation Services for Secure Cargo Shipping

Protect your shipment with professional fumigation services for safe shipping and customs compliance

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International Freight Document Legalization

We process a comprehensive range of shipping & legal paperwork for manufacturers, exporters, and international traders.

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Your Global Logistics Specialist

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About Hanson Global Freight

Hanson Global Freight Sdn Bhd (1292671-K), is a Malaysian based integrated logistics service provider was built by two young directors, Mr Edmund Tan and Mr Bernard Ang together with a professional team.

Welcome to Hanson Global Freight – your gateway to seamless, innovative logistics solutions. Established in 2018 by visionary founders Edmund Tan and Bernard Ang, our Malaysian-based company has rapidly ascended as a leader in integrated logistics services.

With roots deeply embedded in the industry, Edmund brings expertise from top-tier international freight forwarders, including a stint at a now-public company. Bernard, on the other hand, contributes a rich legacy of experience from a company with over five decades of forwarding history.

Our Core Value

At Hanson, we value professional teamwork, commitment and mutual support.


Clear and effective communications to ensure customer's needs are met. Effective communication with the shipper to establish clear expectations, provide timely updates, and address any concerns or questions promptly.


Responding to customer inquiries, concerns, or complaints in a timely and helpful manner.


Taking responsibility for any mistakes or issues that arise, and working to resolve them quickly and effectively.

Honest (Talk Fact)

Being honest to customer to gain their loyalty and earn their trust.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide good service to ensure customer happy & satisfied with Hanson service.

Our Vision and Mission


  • To be a logistics platform that is highly sought after by young talent and industry.


  • 1. We strive to provide the best improved services to our customers

  • 2. We aim to provide growth, opportunities and benefits to Hanson Warriors.

  • 3. We aim to gather SME logistics companies on the Hanson Platform.


Our Services

Launching with a focus on sea freight, warehousing, clearance, trucking, and haulage, we have evolved to offer a comprehensive suite of logistics services. From trans-loading and warehousing to navigating Malaysian government agencies such as MITI and MTIB requirements, our competitive routes and services ensure your deliveries meet their time-sensitive schedules.

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The Hanson Warrios

Philosophy & Culture


As Hanson Warriors, we are committed and deliver results. We are energetic, positive, ambitious, and aggressive.


Anti-negative influence, Talk Fact, Turn Big problem to No Problem mentality.